The Shelftacular! Story

Don’t You Hate Wire Shelving?

The Survey Says...Yes, You Do!

We spent most of 2016 listening to prototype testers (Thank you, Opinionistas and Opinionators!) and conducting market surveys. In 2017 we took the product to market in limited release on Amazon and here on our site as well as partnering with a home-organization professional in Virginia.

The data was clear. You want wire shelf covers, you need wire shelf covers, and Shelftacular! Wire Shelf Covers look like a good solution to you! Some of the highlights of all this data-digging include:

Less than 8% of you are “completely happy” with your wire shelves.

7.8%, to be exact. Talk about Meh!

Items tipping over and difficult clean-up are the #1 and #2 reasons you aren’t feeling the wire-shelf love.

We know the feeling…or should we say lack thereof?

93% of you “Like” the Shelftacular! solution.

Thank you, thank you very much.

"They're nicer to look at and easeir to clean than flattened cardboard boxes."

-Survey Response


Comments also made it clear you’ve been trying to solve the wire-shelf problems yourselves, with everything from cardboard boxes to placemats to cookie sheets. We also heard you loud and clear when you said these need to be reasonably priced – we hope you agree that they are!

Ta-daaaa...Shelftacular! Wire Shelf Covers!

I designed Shelftacular! Wire Shelf Covers as an alternative to expensive custom closet and complex DIY projects. They’re easy to install, inexpensive and look nice. Shelftacular! Wire Shelf Covers are solid and stable, yet versatile enough to use with any type of wire shelving and install with just a pair of sturdy household scissors.

I’ve been a marketer my whole career, so I thought it was about time to take this idea that I – and 30 million other people – had to the market to see what you think. The patent is filed, the trademark is registered and the prototypes are happily ensconced in hundreds of homes – we’re ready to move to manufacturing! We're working that now, and will be back on the shelves - literally and figuratively - in 2018.

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