Shelftacular! Specifications

Each 3-Pack Includes:

Shelftacular! Covers.

This is the flat portion of the product that actually lays on the wire shelf and creates the smooth, stable surface. Covers have a series of slots across the back so you can secure them to the wire shelving, and a bend on the front to further stabilize and create a finished look, without getting in the way of hangers on wardrobe shelves. Covers are all 34” in length, and come in standard 12”, 16” and 20” depths, in packs of 3.


Shelftacular! Connectors.

These are the hook and loop cloth fasteners that secure the Covers to your wire shelves. Simply slip them through the slots and between the wires where the gaps match up, and fold together for a secure hold. Each 3-pack comes with 9 Connectors.


Shelftacular! Caps.

On longer wire shelf installations you may need to use more than one Cover. The Shelftacular! Connectors bridge one Cover to another to make for a tidy, seamless shelf. Each 3-pack comes with 2 Caps.

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