Diane Pierson, CEO Shelftacular! Wire Shelf Covers

I first thought of Shelftacular! Wire Shelf Covers when I moved to Boston several years ago and lived in an apartment with wire shelving.

Without thinking about it, I lined the closet shelves with old towels so my clothes wouldn’t slip through, or get messy-looking wire marks on them. Thanks to a domino-effect tragedy in the pantry of this same apartment, I lost some very good wine and some very good table linens, in that order, due to the instability of the bottles on the wire shelving. It made me think – there has to be a fix for this that doesn’t involve throwing perfectly good shelving in a landfill! After thinking about it for a few years, and moving to Austin (and another temporary apartment), I decided it was time to take this idea to market.

As a career marketer, I have a track record of proven results turning great ideas into profitable products. I’ve led the launch and growth of complex digital products sold to both businesses and consumers, internationally, for companies like Dun & Bradstreet, LexisNexis, American Lawyer Media and Infogroup Targeting Solutions. My real strength is setting a product apart from the competition, and finding the right places, times and ways to share information with customers.

I got my BA in English at Kalamazoo College in (where else?) Kalamazoo, Michigan, and my MBA at DeSales University in Center Valley, PA. After many moons in the Great White North, my husband Tom and I moved to Austin a few years ago and love everything about it from the live music to the breakfast tacos.

Tom Pierson, COO Shelftacular! Wire Shelf Covers

Diane and I share more than a last name and life together – we’re both passionate about this business! When Diane came up with the concept a couple years ago, I jumped in with ideas, “devil’s advocate” contributions and moral support (including boxing up orders in our garage on the weekends). We’ve always been a great team as she’s great at strategy and business launch, while I thrive on execution and business growth. So, the timing of my joining the company is perfect – my job is to take the promise of our first year or so to the next level and grow Shelftacular! to its full potential.

My career spans three-plus decades of business development, strategic planning, relationship management and product development/management/marketing. Most of those years were spent in large, complex organizations such as Dun & Bradstreet, LexisNexis, Elsevier, and John Wiley & Sons. I’m excited to apply my experience to this opportunity – and improve peoples’ lives one wire shelf at a time.

My BS is from Central Michigan University, which is up the road a bit from Diane’s college in Kalamazoo. We love life in Austin, TX, which includes Nick Nack, our Siamese cat.