About Shelftacular!

What are Shelftacular! Wire Shelf Covers?

Shelftacular! Wire Shelf Covers are versatile, easy to install covers that stabilize and create a smooth surface on wire shelves. Each set comes with three Covers, two Caps and nine Connectors.


The Covers are made of sturdy plastic and will be available in 12”, 16” and 20” depths, with each piece 34” in length.

Covers attach to the back of any wall-mounted wire shelf with pre-cut hook and loop fabric Connectors that fit through slots in the Covers and loop around the back of the wire shelf.

The Covers are stabilized in front with a bend that provides a clean look while also allowing hangers on wardrobe shelving to slide freely. Bend length varies based on shelf depth.

Covers can be linked together with a Cap, which will bridge gaps between two Covers to prevent clothing snags.

Shelftacular! Wire Shelf Covers are patent-pending, and the name Shelftacular! Wire Shelf Covers is trademarked, all rights reserved. Offer Shelftacular! Wire Shelf Covers in your store!

What Makes Shelftacular! Wire Shelf Covers Special?

We believe Shelftacular! Wire Shelf Covers are terrific for several reasons:

  • Require no tools except scissors to install. So easy, they don’t even need instructions (although we provide them)!
  • Fit any type of wall-mounted wire shelving, including wardrobe and shoe shelves.
  • Won’t warp, slide or sag.
  • MSRP is lower than most options.

Why Should I Consider Retailing Shelftacular! Wire Shelf Covers?

There are many reasons to be a Shelftacular! Retailer:

There are 18 million apartments in the U.S. alone. That’s a lot of opportunity! We estimate the high-opportunity target market (single professional women age 29-59) to be in excess of $60M.

They’re a great product for urban DIY retail store locations, and a great way to get young women into your stores.

We’ll be doing extensive marketing to apartment dwellers, including:

  • New mover coupons.
  • On-site promotional items such as tape measures and scissors giveaways.
  • Online retargeting and other digital marketing efforts.
  • Will coordinate our marketing efforts around our retailers’ locations and strategies.

It’s hard to find a DIY product for women, built by a woman: Shelftacular! Wire Shelf Covers is a woman-owned small business headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Shelftacular! Wire Shelf Covers are a logical after-market product for those who can’t or don’t want to replace their wire shelving. Our goal is to improve the utility of the existing wire shelves, not replace them.

Shelftacular! Wire Shelf Covers are made in the U.S.A.

Who is Shelftacular!’s Market?

While the short answer to that is “anybody with wire shelving,” we’re focusing our marketing efforts on working women aged 29-59, who live in apartments or condos, who are single and/or have small children.

Meet the Owner

How Do You Know the Market is Interested?

I decided to pursue this idea because of the enthusiasm I heard from everyday people I spoke to. People outside my family and close friends, who weren’t aware of my plans, would vent frustrations about their wire shelving if I brought the topic up. The two statements I heard most often were, “wire shelves drive me crazy” and “I can’t believe someone hasn’t solved this problem yet.” Many of them told me stories of clothing ruined, glass broken and just the irritation of looking at things hanging through the wires.

To formally validate the concept, we launched an Opinionista Program in which volunteers evaluated the prototypes. We also did a general survey of over 200 women, broken out by age and home rental/ownership.  The results were unequivocal - there is a need for this product!